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Shut Up and Mangia!, Issue #022=Special Announcement
June 27, 2009

"Shut Up and Mangia!"

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Benvenuti Amici

Special Announcement

This special issue of "Shut Up and Mangia!" has been released to announce the following changes inside Great Chicago Italian

Site News

I've recently completed refurbishing three sections of my site that I thought would be of great interest to all of my readers.

The first change that was made was in the "Italian American Heritage Preservation" section.

Now you can automatically create your own page regarding any family stories you would like to share with us about your Italian Heritage. Add a picture, tell us about your Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles who immigrated into this great country. It's a great section and I hope to get everybody to start participating.

The second change is that a "Your Reviews" button has been added to the navigation bar on the left. This button will allow you to tell us about your Italian restaurant experiences. Be a restaurant critic and let us know what's the best or worst experience you've had at an Italian restaurant in your city or one you found on vacation.

Of course I've saved the best for last. Beginning July 1st you may enter the "Mangia Italiano Summer 2009 Italian Recipe Contest". Here You will be able to submit your favorite Italian recipe and get a chance to win one of four great prizes.

  • 1st place - $100.00 gift certificate
  • 2nd place - wins a “Great Chicago Italian Recipes” Sweatshirt
  • 3rd place - Wins a “Great Chicago Italian Recipes” Tote Bag
  • 4th place - Wins a “Great Chicago Italian Recipes” Coffee Mug

    Just click on the link above and start submitting your favorite recipe starting on July 1st. I've given every newsletter subscriber a few days ahead of time to prepare. So carefully read the rules and instructions and most of all have fun.

    Best of Luck To All!

    Final Thoughts

    If you enjoy my site please feel free to email this newsletter to a friend so they can Subscribe to "Shut Up and Mangia!" and begin to enjoy the many Italian recipes we have to offer.

    Mangia Italiano!

    Take Care,

    Phillip J. Speciale

    That's a discovery! That's Italian! That's
    Great Chicago Italian

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