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Success! Great Chicago Italian is currently offering online ad space opportunities to companies who are anxious to build a better. We are only accepting advertisements that relate to our topic and are truly beneficial to our audience.

This includes:

  • Italian Cooking Products;
  • Italian Cultural Organizations;
  • Italian Restaurants;
  • Italian Food Products;
  • Italian Kitchen Products;
  • Italian Recipes;
  • Italian Wines and;
  • Anything that enhances our users experience.

    Brand Your Product

    Branding is one of the most important factors influencing a products failure or success in today’s marketplace. Like in newspaper and magazine ads, you want your company/product/organization to be noticed. You want to stand out from your competitors. You want to stand out and be noticed. Here is where Great Chicago Italian will be able to give you that opportunity.

    Avoid Click Fraud

    Have you ever wondered if your competitors are clicking your ads just to burn up your money? Or are they clicking on your ads just to make sure your target audience doesn’t reach your product? Here is where we at Great Chicago Italian can help. We will charge a flat monthly ad rate so no matter if your ad is clicked once or one thousand times your brand will still be visible to your target audience for the amount of time you decide you want your ad to run. This way you are using your advertising budget in the most efficient way.

    Target Audience

    Our audience spans across the globe with the majority of our visitor from the United States and Canada. Their interests include Italian cooking, culture and products. Tradition is important to all our visitors.

    Our U.S. demographics are:

    Reasons to Advertise on
    Great Chicago Italian

  • We offer a highly cost effective way to reach your target audience.
  • Our traffic continues to grow each and every month.
  • We receive an average of over 100,000 page views a month.
  • We currently attract an average of over 35,000 visitors per month.
  • We have over 1400 members to our newsletter “Shut Up and Mangia” with membership growing daily.
  • Our current Alexa rank is under 500,000 which means compared to over 150 million websites on the internet, Great Chicago Italian is among the top 1%.

    Site Layout

    Great Chicago Italian is organized in three simple layers. Tier 1 is our homepage which receives the most traffic. Tier 2 is our category pages which describes the category and lists all the recipes. And our tier 3 pages contain all our recipes. All tier 2 and tier 3 pages link back to our homepage. The site is simple and easy to navigate. To get a better idea of this layout please refer to the graphic below.

    Ad Format

    We will accept advertisements in the following formats only:

  • Text Ads: These ads are inside a box that blends into the site.
  • In-text Links: These ads will be placed within the content of the article or recipe.
  • Banner Ads: These ads will be placed in specific locations and are perfect for branding your product/company/organization.

    We accept the following sizes:

  • Buttons: 125x125 pixels
  • Small Tower: 125x250 pixels
  • Medium Tower: 125x375 pixels
  • Large Tower: 125x600 pixels
  • Small Square: 200x200 pixels
  • Medium Banner: 468x60
  • Full Page Article Ads: One entire page including link, images and 250 to 350 word article. This includes restaurant reviews and product reviews. Note that all reviews are honest and true. We will not post positive reviews if we do not recommend the restaurant or product.

    Please Note: Examples of ad layouts are included inside our rate card.

    Pricing and Payment

  • All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars
  • All prices are determined by ad type and size, page type, location on page, traffic page receives and by topic.
  • Prices are based on per ad per page per month.
  • Payment is accepted through Paypal. (Which includes credit cards) Sorry no checks are accepted.
  • Ads will be purchased in packages with a minimum 3 months, 6 months or 1 year with discounts on all advanced purchases.
  • A renewal invoices will be sent out 30 days before contract is up.
  • We reserve the right to increase our rates based on traffic upon the renewal of the contract.
  • Those advertisers who lock in for 6 months or 1 year will benefit from rising traffic, and no increase in rates upon renewal.
  • Complete pricing is included in our rate card.

    Terms and Conditions

  • In compliance with Google's webmaster guidelines all advertiser links include the rel="nofollow" attribute;
  • All links will open a new window;
  • No site wide ads are available;
  • We reserve the right to decline advertisers or links to websites that would not benefit our readers;
  • We reserve the right to cancel any contract and remove your advertisement or link if your site is blacklisted, considered a rogue site, redirect your ad, contains pop-ups or holds your visitor to your site upon trying to leave without any money refunded;
  • Once the maximum ad space limit has been reached for any page, no further ads will be accepted;
  • All advertising and payments are subject to availability;
  • No flash ads will be accepted.

    Privacy Policy

    We do not sell, exchange or otherwise disclose your contact information or any information you deem confidential to anyone for any reason.

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