Italian Bread Recipes


WARM AND INVITING Here are some of the best Italian Bread Recipes. Is there anything better than the smell of bread baking in the oven? I remember years ago my landlady Ziti would make bread at least once a week. Not one loaf of course but at least six. You could smell the bread baking half way down the block. When I returned from school I would take out a stick of butter from the fridge knowing she would soon be knocking on the door with a warm loaf of bread and a package of scamorza cheese.

Once you get the hang of making bread you’ll never go to the bakery again except for the pastries. Baking bread may take a little time, but it’s well worth the effort. You’ll be creating memories that last a lifetime. I love the way food can transport you to a different place in time.

I couldn’t imagine what Italian food would be like without bread. Then again I couldn’t imagine what any food would be like without bread. Yes folks I love bread. We’re very old friends who go back many years. Michelangelo once said “I feast on wine and bread and feasts they are”. How true that is. Bread represents many things and is important in the lives of many people. I even eat bread with Chinese food. I know this is bizarre behavior, but I inherited it from my father and can’t seem to help myself.

There are many types of Italian bread Recipes to choose from. It’s amazing to think that simply from flour and water and yeast you can create a wide variety of items. My favorites are the rustic crunchy kind that gets crumbs all over the tablecloth, focaccia bread and Easter bread. These three Italian bread recipes seem like a great place to begin.

Rustic Italian Bread
Basic Italian bread for you to enjoy.

Focaccia Bread
Delicious focaccia bread topped or stuffed with you favorites.

Easter Bread
A special family treat for the holiday.

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