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Great Italian Recipes

Below is a list of archived menus that have been created over the years for various occasions. These twenty eight menus feature roughly four to five recipes on each page. This gives you a total of roughly one hundred and forty recipes for you to try. This should keep you cooking for quite a while.

The recipes range from specific holiday menus to regional Italian menus to ingredient titles menus. You will find “Cooking with Truffles”, “Great Pizza Recipes”, Great Panini Recipes, “Italian Grilling Recipes” among many other delicious recipes.

These recipes were previously available to newsletter subscribers only. But now I’ve decided to release these recipes for everyone. So if you love Italian food as much as I do, visit often and choose some of my favorite dishes for your dinner tonight. Enjoy! And don’t forget……

……Mangia Italiano!

Italian Grilling Recipes
Delicious grilling recipes just in time for the summer.

Summertime Pasta
More great pasta recipes.

4th of July Menu
A few recipes to celebrate the day.

Italian Food Made with Wine
Excellent recipes made with various wines.

Cooking with Truffles
Recipes using exotic truffles.

Great Pizza Recipes
Pizza recipes for pizza lovers.

Dessert Recipes
Excellent dessert recipes.

Great Panini Recipes
Fresh pressed panini recipes.

Great Soup Recipes
Deliciously simple soup recipes.

Italian Halloween Recipes
Spooky recipes for a spooky occasion.

An Italain Thanksgiving Part 1
Great recipes for this special day.

An Italain Thanksgiving Part 2
More great recipes for this special day.

Christmas Cookies and Pastries
Great sweet recipes for the holiday.

Valentine's Day Menu
Valentine's Day Italian-Style.

Italian Vegetable Recipes
Recipes created with delicious fresh veggies.

Great Trattoria Recipes
Recipes fitting the great trattorias of Italy.

Great Sicilian Recipes
Favorite recipes from Sicily.

My Favorite Pasta Recipes
Pasta,pasta and more pasta.

Great Tuscan Recipes
A few favorite Tuscan recipes.

Recipes from Rome
A Roman feast.

Recipes from Naples
Great Neapolitan recipes.

Recipes from Veneto
Venice at it's best.

Recipes from Calabria
Great Calabrian recipes.

Thanksgiving Italian Style
Another Italian Style Thanksgiving menu.

Thanksgiving Italian Style Part 2
The second half of another Italian Style Thanksgiving menu.

The Feast of the Seven Fishes
A special feast for a special day.

Valentine's Day Italian Style
The romance of Italy brought to your table.

Festa San Giuseppe
Great St. Joseph's Day recipes.

Happy Easter
One more great Easter menu.

Happy Halloweeen
Two funny recipes.

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