Great Chicago Italian Recipes

Chicken Piccata

A Good Caper

Chicken Piccata or veal piccata, if you prefer, is very common in many Italian restaurants and very easy to make at home. This dish uses a very tart sauce usually made with lemons, wine and capers. In my recipe I like to use dry vermouth which is a fortified wine normally used in martinis. Use a good quality Italian vermouth like Cinzano or Martini & Rossi.

Capers are widely used in a variety of Mediterranean dishes and are readily available in the US. They are little berries generally brined in salt and vinegar, so they................... Read More

Italian Potluck Dinner

"Italian Potluck Dinner" is the place to have a little fun. If you can't decide what to make for dinner just have "Luisa the Italian Cat" decide for you. Here is the deal, just click on one of the buttons above and whatever category you get, you have to make something in that category for dinner. No cheating now. You can only choose once. No going back and trying another button. Every so often we will be changing the category order just in case you have them memorized. Have fun and make sure you email us to let us know how the recipes are turning out. Mangia Italiano!


“Italian Food Tips and Info” features great cooking tips and information to help you create and understand your favorite recipes. It is an informative section which will give you an insight into the Italian way of cooking and living. Articles such at “All About Risotto”, Spaghetti Etiquette”, “Eating Italian Food on a Date “ among many others will all be featured on this page. We hope you enjoy this section as much as we love bringing it to you. Just click on the link “Italian Food Tips and Info”

“The Italian Experience” is a new section that will feature articles about Italy’s food, culture, art and history. The allure of Italy and Italian culture has a sense of timelessness. It is defiantly a country of great variety and interest to many people around the world. From its ancient history and traditions to its modern trendy fashions and products, Italy is truly a country worth exploring. Enjoy!

Formaggio e Frutta e Vino

Great Dessert

A great compliment to the end of any Italian meal is Formaggio e Frutta e Vino (Cheese, Fruit and Wine). We all love the rich creamy desserts but sometimes a simple combination of Gorgonzola with pears or Stracchino with peaches and grapes would be just as rewarding.

Artisan cheeses produced and imported from Italy boast sophisticated flavors and aromas. ................. Read More


Our Great Italian Recipes

Here are a few of our featured recipes below to get you started. All the dishes are made with the freshest ingredients.


Sit back, grab a glass of wine and enjoy the many Italian recipes Great Chicago Italian has to offer.

This site will provide you with some great family Italian recipes.

Italian food is a celebration. A celebration of life, family and friends.

Italian food is a blessing which should be shared and enjoyed by all.

From me to you, from my family to yours, I will be bringing you the finest, tastiest, most delicious recipes I could find.

The Adventure Begins

The recipes I will be featuring will begin with some great Italian appetizers and end with some fantastic Italian desserts.

Italian recipes from different regions of Italy will include various sauces, meat, seafood and pastas with special sections devoted to pizza and cooking for kids.

We will also focus on: Italian Wine and Cheese, Coffees and Espresso, and Cooking Supplies and Techniques.

Great Italian Chefs

Visit our new section Great Italian Chefs for some interesting stories and original recipes from Chef's such a Nick Stellino, Rao's Las Vegas Chef Carla Pellegrino, the infamous Patsy's in New York's Chef Sal Scognamillo plus many more.

Healthy Italian Recipes

If your looking for low fat, low cal Italian recipes then visit our Healthy Italian Recipes section for some delicious recipes that include Turkey Piccata, Fusilli with Tuna, Ravioli with Spinach plus new healthy recipes will be added each week.

Everyday I will be adding a few new recipes.

So together lets discover all the magic Italian food has to offer. Together lets...


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