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Welcome to The Italian Grocer. Here you will find wonderful imported cheeses, meats, olive oils and spices to help you prepare some of my favorite Italian dinners.

Remember back in the days when our Grandparents immigrated to this country and opened the family grocery store on the corner or like my Grandfather sold vegetables from carts. This was the beginning of bringing the wonder of Italian foods into this country, into your neighborhoods and into your homes. olive market I remember a great little Italian grocery store in my neighborhood. When you walked in you could smell the aroma of sauce cooking on the stove in the back, aged cheese and salamis hanging from the ceiling and barrels and barrels of olives and peanuts cluttered the floor and sometimes the aroma of fresh baked bread lingered in the air for days. Or remember the peanut man driving down the block selling lupines and pistachios by the bag and the fruit and vegetable trucks that slowly drove down the block yelling out so everyone new they were outside. It was a great time.

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Welcome to the twenty-first century. The Grocer is now an electronic store. Though the aromas are not there we still strive to bring you the finest, freshest Italian products we can find.

In partnership with, The Italian Grocer has carefully chosen some of the finest imported Italian products on the market today. Ordered through Amazon’s secure order server and delivered straight to your door, you’ll be able to find everything you need to create that perfect Italian dinner.

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