Sicilian/Irish Melting Pot

by Monica
(Martinez, California)

Hello My Maiden Name is Monica Foran (Irish) but my Mom's Mom (Noni) was 100% Sicilian Her name was Sebastiana LaRosa born in Palermo,Sicily came to Brooklyn NY when she was about 2 years old.She lived on Mulberry Street.Brooklyn, NY. Noni had 8 brothers and sisters and eventually they all moved to California by the time they were between 20-30 years old. My Noni married Frank D'Antonio when she was like 20 years old and they then moved to San Francisco-(Excelsior District) My Grandfather (Pa) started a printing company in the South of Market area of SF on Minna Street. D'Antonio Printing made all the Union Buttons for all the Unions in the area-One well known one IBEW- Local(6)Brotherhood of Electrical Workers which my Dad's Father was an Electrical Inspector for. Noni and Pa owned the business for a good 20 years. So... That Irish Boy James Foran from Saint Mary's Park married that pretty Sicilian girl (Cecilia D'Antonio ) from The Excelsior Dst. The rest is History they had 4 children me being the 4th. It was fun to share. Thank you and have a Great Day!

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