How to Increase your Chances
of winning the
“Mangia Italiano Fall/Winter
Italian Recipe Contest”

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Follow These Steps and increase you chances of winning.

Let your friends and family place a vote and comment on your Italian recipe. Please read our Official Rules regarding judging. Only one vote per IP address will be allowed in all fairness to the other entries.

The recipe that receives the most feedback from our visitors will be declared the winner. By feedback I mean votes and comments that are left about your recipe. Great Chicago Italian Recipes receives many visitors a day and there is a good chance that someone will see your recipe, try it out and return later to leave a comment about how the recipe was to prepare and how it tasted.

Your recipe may not appeal to everyone. That’s why you should have your family and friends vote and comment about their experience with the Italian recipe that you submitted.

The recipe with the most votes wins.

Simplicity is Best

Make your recipe as simple to follow as possible. If the recipe is complicated or ingredients are scrambled most people won’t give it a try. However if the recipe is simple and uses common cooking ingredients there is a good chance that visitors will try it out.

Name your Recipe

Give your recipe a interesting name that will grab the visitors attention.

Submit Complete Recipes

Make sure you list all the ingredients and write out detailed instructions. Incomplete recipes have little chance of winning.

Make Your Story Interesting.

Tell us how or where you got this recipe. Did you create it or even better is it an old family recipe handed down from generation to generation. Family stories are the best.

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