Tufanos Vernon Park Tap
"An Italian Night Out"

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Tufanos Vernon Park Tap is a place I will have a very hard time judging since I went there many times with my father when I was very young.

I went there for the first time recently in at least twenty years. The last time I was there was with my father and after seeing the menu I ordered the same thing I remembered he had the last time we were there.

My friend John. who owns Bacchus Wine Co., called me up last minute to go out to dinner. Undecided, I mentioned going to see Uncle Sonny who bar tends at Tufanos. Sonny was a good friend of my fathers and someone I haven't seen in a long time. I've missed him and thought about him many times throughout the years.

Tufanos Vernon Park Tap brought back many memories. Things I haven't thought about in years.

Anyway as far as the food, my friend ended up ordering the veal parmesan and I had the pork chops with sweet peppers which were out of this world.

I've always recommended their lemon chicken but I wanted to try something different.

Don't go there for the atmosphere or the service. Go there for the food. The pork chops were tender and delicious and my friend enjoyed the veal just the same.

If you don't mind reading a menu off of a chalk board in a very casual atmosphere make sure you stop by Tufanos and say hello to Uncle Sonny on a Saturday night.

This place had the best Italian food I've had in a long time. Besides my own of course.

Make sure you take time out to visit.

There's no website but you can call Tufanos at 1-312-733-3393 for reservations. They're located at 1073 West Vernon Park in the heart of Chicago's 'Little Italy".

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